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"I like the ambition of making pop. Underground music gets all the respect and critical acclaim, yet the stuff which sells shitloads of records doesn’t. It’s the challenge of writing music that’s quality, but is also pop, that I want to take on ( … ) There are too many underground records! I’m sick of people saying: ‘That record was so great’ and yet it only sells 4,000 copies. I don’t see what’s cool about not writing hooks: if you’re really fucking clever, where’s the fucking melody that I can remember? I woke up today and I forgot your whole album – genius! I don’t get it."

La Roux’s Elly Jackson tells Time Out Magazine. Hail to the pop! (via arjanwrites)


Elly Jackson being perfect at Vancouver gig 9/18/14

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Cancer’s tend to be night owls loving how the darkness releases their outgoing and social sides. - zodiac signs facts